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Europa Politisk Udvalgsmøde


onsdag 30. jun '21 19:00 – onsdag 30. jun '21 21:30


Møde i Europa Politisk Udvalg onsdag den 30. juni, kl. 19 via Zoom og fysisk
Fysisk møde: Studiestræde 24, 1. sal, 1455 København


The rise and/or dangers of the extreme right in southern Europe (Spain, France, Italy) – could this lead to a governmental takeover?
– How does the situation in Mediteranean Europe compare to the experiences with the extreme right-wing in the rest of Europe? What are the lessons for us all ?

Introductory speakers:
  • Marga Ferre, Spain, Co-President of transform!europe (do you wish party affiliation ?)
  • Vincent Boulet, France, PCF, Communist Party – European Left political secretariat member
  • Gianmarco Pisa, Italy, PRC, P. Rifondazione Comunista, International Committee member



The meeting takes place in English